what sets us apart

What Sets Us Apart

We’re more than just an office; we’re family!

Our team is a collection of many gifted individuals. Together, their varied skill sets allow us to plan, develop, and execute exceptional orthodontic treatment in a pleasant environment. The one characteristic that everyone must have is that they care for others. That is why so many have worked in our office for so long. We interact at a very personal level, and as a result, patients share themselves with us.

Customized treatment that lasts

What makes us different is that we never look at a growing child without envisioning what that child’s face will look like as an adult. When we meet a child, we look at the accompanying adult for features that have been passed along.

The enormous advantage of having been in practice for 24 years and following patients for long periods of time in retention is getting a good idea of how faces will change over time. 

Advanced technology for an advanced smile

Length of time in practice alone is no badge of honor, but refining and developing personalized treatments and blending them with the most technologically advanced diagnostic 3D i-CAT FLX X-rays, self-ligating Damon® Smile braces, intraoral 3D scanners, Invisalign®, AcceleDent®, and surgical treatment therapies makes it easier. We carefully select when these technologies should be utilized, while never taking our eye off the quality of the results and the comfort, convenience, and cost to our patient.

When only the best is good enough

In addition to our high regard among former patients, Klepacki & Blair Orthodontics also enjoys a strong reputation among the medical community. We are often a referral for more complicated orthodontic cases that require surgery or multiple disciplines, and work very closely with a number of dentists, periodontists, and oral surgeons.

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