meet our team

Meet Our Team

Our team is a collection of many gifted individuals. Together, their varied skill sets empower us to plan, develop, and execute exceptional orthodontic treatment in a pleasant environment. The one characteristic that everyone must have is that they care for others! This is why so many have worked in our office for so long. We interact at a very personal level, and as a result patients share themselves with us!

To experience the difference that only a well-trained, professional, and courteous team can deliver, schedule your appointment with our office today!

Front Office Staff

Monica – Front Desk Receptionist

If we had a monthly spirit award, Monica would win it every time, hands down! Her incredible positivity and never ending energy are the fuels that blast our KBO rocket ship into the stratosphere, while her alter ego, DJ MoMo keeps the good vibes always by greeting our guests with a bright smile and fresh jams all day long!

“My favorite part of my day at KBO is connecting with our patients and their families. I truly love getting to know them and making their time here as happy as possible.” — Monica

Samantha - Office Manager

We have fallen in love with Samantha as our office manager.  Our work relationship actually started with a super cute “friends first” approach after meeting at mommy and me yoga.  While her efforts are often running in the background, everything  you see with our superb patient care, highly skilled team, and engaging community outreach projects is likely thanks to her commitment to making KBO the best place to give and get care!

"After almost 10 years in retail management, I love this role because it gives me the opportunity to use my experience and learn something new everyday! I love the close-knit working relationships with the doctors and KBO team while providing our community with beautifully crafted smiles and lasting happiness!" - Samantha


Meredith – Treatment Coordinator

Your amazing experience at our office begins with Meredith! She is so friendly and welcoming to our patients, and truly makes the whole process of learning about your orthodontic treatment options easier, quicker, and more fun, we can’t wait for you to meet her!

"I feel right at home at KBO, where I guide new patients through their first exam and educate families on their options for orthodontic treatment. I love getting to spend my day introducing new patients to the amazing, talented, and loving staff at KBO!" - Meredith

Clinical Staff

Linda N. – Assistant

Linda is one of the most caring and sweet people you will ever meet on this Earth, and we are proud to brag on her.  Her commitment to KBO is unmatched; she has been with our office for 3 generations, since it was run by our founder, Dr Frank Klepacki, and her gentle touch still makes her one of our best assistants for those who need a little TLC!


“I love meeting new people and making new smiles!” — Linda


Arianna – Assistant

Ari is an old soul with a young spirit and an infectious laugh that can very easily turn into a giggle fit in a hurry!  She makes everything she does look effortless, it’s like she grew up in the practice or something!


“What I love most about KBO is our patients! We have such a diverse group that comes in and it keeps each day interesting and fun!” ” — Arianna


Quinn – Assistant

Speaking of growing up in the practice, Quinn has been coming here since she was a tiny patient, and now she’s grown into one of our very best team members.  Her vast experience as both a KBO patient and employee seem to make her everyone’s favorite assistant, we love that people seem genuinely excited to visit us “just to see Quinn”, we’re lucky to have her!

“Everyday has been a learning experience since I joined the team in 2014! I love coming in everyday and seeing my smiling patients and connecting with them.” — Quinn

Jamie - Assistant

she doesn’t look it, but Jamie has been making smiles for decades.  When it comes to teaching and motivating our patients, she just has a natural ability to connect with kids and adults alike, sneakily sharing her wisdom and humor at the same time to get folks smiling and enjoying their orthodontic journey, not just the end results!


"Loving orthodontics since 1998! Totally obsessed with smiles." - Jamie

Danielle – X-ray Technician/Assistant

Danielle is so genuine and friendly, it is perfect that as records coordinator she is the first KBO team member you really connect with when you’re here for an initial exam, she really makes our guests feel welcome and comfortable.  Her skills don’t end there, though, she is incredibly multi-talented and hardworking, is constantly helping with artsy side projects and fun social media contests, we’re blown away with her maturity and dedication to KBO!

“When you walk into KBO it feels like home. It feels like a family you've known your whole life. Everyone is so fun, welcoming, and kind. When a new patient walks in for the first time they usually are nervous, but by the time they leave they have had fun and realize how easy it is. Being one of the first people to meet and work with new patients makes my day unique, fun, and different everyday.” — Danielle

Lab Technicians

David K. – Lab Technician

Dave is an invaluable member of our team.  As “the man” who makes some of our most technically difficult lab appliances, and at the highest level of quality, he brings something very special to our office and patients, peace of mind that their retainers and expanders and aligners will reliably fit well and be delivered with a whip fast turnaround!


“Perfection is my goal. Excellence will be tolerated.” — Dave


Deann – Lab Technician

Deann is one of our most flexible team members, she can pick up the slack almost anywhere or anytime it is needed, and do so with a smile on her face and a great attitude.  As someone who works as one of our in-house lab people, she is also directly responsible for maintaining the beautiful KBO smiles we make everyday, how’s that for creating some happiness!


"I love the fun, friendly, atmosphere at work and how we all work together as a team." -Deann

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