meet our staff

Meet Our Staff

Our team is a collection of many gifted individuals. Together, their varied skill sets empower us to plan, develop, and execute exceptional orthodontic treatment in a pleasant environment. The one characteristic that everyone must have is that they care for others! This is why so many have worked in our office for so long. We interact at a very personal level, and as a result patients share themselves with us!

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Front Office Staff

Julie – Administrative Assistant

I’ve been a part of this team since 1988, and I can’t imagine working anywhere else! My doctors and coworkers are like family.

I have a lot of respect for my fellow staff members, and I feel privileged to work with such a dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional group of people.

My free time is spent looking after my daughter and son, and a house full of pets. I do love to read when I get the chance, though!

“Julie is one of the most together people I know. She wears lots of hats and is gracious as a part-time employee to work at multiple positions. Julie is skilled at facilitating situations with a friendly smile. She has two inquisitive children and often has to field questions that her kids already know the answer to, just to make her scramble. We are glad for the time she gives us away from her family.” — Dr. Klepacki

Laura – Treatment Coordinator

What I love most about orthodontics is building wonderful relationships with my patients and my co-workers. I love seeing all of the happy smiles that surround me each day.

Our doctors are so passionate about what they do, and they really make everyone feel like family.

I’ve been married to my husband Troy for 14 years. We have a beautiful daughter, Lilyan, and we rescued our dog, Bella, in 2016. We love our family time together, especially going biking, taking long walks, and watching movies.

“Hired virtually on Christmas day in 2000, Laura was one of the best gifts I have received. She is always smiling and very aware of what our patients and parents’ needs are and strives to meet them. Laura is a great coworker and is always on her toes. She is mother to her way to clever daughter Lily and husband Troy.” — Dr. Klepacki


Maria – Office Manager

I love seeing the joy in our patients’ faces after their treatment is complete!

Watching Dr. Mike interact on such a personal level with all of our patients is a lot of fun, too. He’s a fantastic orthodontist, and the smiles he creates are truly one of a kind! I have been joyfully married for the past 25 years to my husband Paul. We have three lovely daughters — Arianna, Alexandria, and Olivia — all of whom have completed our lives with joy and adventure. Our newest addition is Bailee Joy, our dog!

“Maria, like others in our office, is very good at many jobs that help make our front office very efficient. But her most important role is her ability to tell me like it is; what has to get done and when. She manages to do that with just enough of a smile so I want to do it but serious enough so that I know I have to do it! Maria is a great mom and is no stranger to every sport three girls could possibly be involved in! In addition to her three daughters, Maria’s biggest treasure is her husband Paul.” — Dr. Klepacki

Monica – Front Desk Receptionist

Talking to our patients and their parents is my favorite thing about orthodontics. I enjoy getting to see our patients’ progress throughout their treatment, and watching as their smiles evolve with confidence.

I also love coming to work each and every day to such a family-focused environment. I have been married for 11 years to my wonderful husband Mark. We have an awesome daughter, Molly, and a German shepherd named Ella that rounds out our family. I enjoy spending time with all of my family and friends, and am an avid Chicago Bears and Blackhawks fan.

“Monica is the newest member to our team, starting  two years ago.  She is someone I feel like I have known my whole life. Monica knows what needs to be done and loves to do it. She is also one of the energetic voices you will hear when calling the office. Her husband Mark is a fireman’s fireman, but she’s even more prepared than he is. They have a beautiful daughter Molly.” — Dr. Klepacki



Clinical Staff


Chris – Assistant

I’ve been a part of this office for a long time! The past 26 years have been so fulfilling, as I’ve seen so many people’s lives transformed because of the work we do. We all work together toward the same goal: creating healthy, beautiful smiles.

I’ve been married to my husband Mark for 22 years. We have two beautiful daughters, Brittany and Ashley. We have a dog, Lady, and a cat, Kitty. I enjoy baking, crocheting prayer blankets and lap blankets for church members and the local community, riding ATVs, and camping.

“Chris is a systems person and is very precise in her clinical work. Her ability to analyze procedures and develop protocols for consistent procedures is her hallmark. Chris follows this pattern in her own kitchen and is a world-class baker! She is also reminded of the great work she does every time she sees her two beautiful daughters.” — Dr. Klepacki



Linda N. – Assistant

We love creating smiles here, and I especially like working with our special-needs patients to give them a great smile.

We are a family here at Klepacki & Blair Orthodontics, and I feel so fortunate to have been a part of this team for so many years!

I am a mother of two great sons, Chris and Jeff, and a grandmother of three. I also love gardening in my free time.

“I don’t know another person on this earth more suited to manage an anxious patient. She is a wonderful communicator and genuinely concerned to know what your child may be worried about.” — Dr. Klepacki

Quinn – Assistant

Every day has been a learning experience since I joined the team in 2014! I love how welcoming our doctors have been and how much they’ve taught me. Everyone is so friendly and we all work together very well.

When I’m not at work, I love spending time with friends and family. They’re the ones who can always make me smile!

“Quinn or ‘Q’ is our soul, she emits constant positive energy that is there for everyone to enjoy! Quinn plans on becoming a dental hygienist and continue to work with us clinically.” — Dr. Klepacki

Sherri – Assistant

I love working with kids and seeing their smiles change over time. We have so much fun here! My team and I work well together and are so supportive of one another. It’s nice to look forward to going to work and enjoying what you do!

My husband’s name is Chaz and we have two lovely daughters: Taylor and Olivia. I love spending time with my daughters and doing fun things with them.

“Every office needs one: someone who does not know what a bad day is. She routinely breaks into laughter and is a constant reminder to us that it’s really fun to hang out with kids when you don’t have to remind them to do their homework and clean their room!” — Dr. Klepacki

Arianna – Assistant


I graduated from the University of Missouri in 2016 and moved back home to start working at Klepacki & Blair Orthodontics. I love that no day is ever the same! Each patient gives me a chance to do something new. I get to work with patients of all ages and I love how excited they get as they see their progress with their orthodontic treatment!

Our doctors really love what they do! They always take the time to teach and work with us to make sure we are doing our best. Our whole staff works together as a team and are always willing to help each other. I can always count on laughing when I come to work – we have such a fun-loving staff!

Outside of work, I love to be outdoors, spend time with family and friends, and watch movies. Some of my favorite things include tacos, ice cream, and my dog Bailee!

“Arianna is such a genuinely friendly person and it shows in her interactions with patients and her coworkers! Her gorgeous smile (thanks Dr. Mike!) has been around the office since she started working with us when she was still in high school and she has grown into a fantastic assistant. Arianna also helps me stay hip by letting me copy her fashion choices!” ” — Dr. Amy

Wendy – X-ray Technician

My favorite part of working here is seeing a patient come in for the first time a little nervous, then by the time they leave they have had fun and realize how easy it was. Our office is a fun place to work; everyone works together knowing that we are creating beautiful smiles!

At home, I have a daughter, Sydney and a dog named Cocoa. I volunteer and coach my daughter’s soccer team and love the Chicago Blackhawks!

“Wendy is my ‘digital best friend.’ She is responsible for taking a lot of our wonderful X-rays, photos, and creating every patient’s digital file. She is amazing at her job and the amount of patience she has shown me as I learn more about computers and phasing technology into our office is miraculous!” — Dr. Klepacki

David K. – Lab Technician

I take great pride in my work. My favorite thing about being a lab tech is working with my hands as I create the appliances that help our patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles.

I’ve worked with our doctors for many years now, and I truly admire their professionalism, generosity, and dedication to patient care. I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters. My hobbies include cycling, weight training, motorcycles, and fast street cars!

“Dave provides the highest-quality retainers and laboratory appliances in the Midwest. His work is flawless and his lab is spotless. But Dave perhaps more than anyone is keen at recognizing where other people’s hearts are. He is a blessing to me and our entire office.” — Dr. Klepacki

Deann – Lab Technician

The variety of my job makes each day interesting. Whether I’m pouring up models, ordering supplies, or making appliances, there is always something different to do! The best part is knowing how much my work affects others. It is amazing to see from start to finish how we all work together to create the perfect smile.

I enjoy spending time with my family, boyfriend, friends, pets, and working out. When I get the chance, I love going hiking in Arizona.

“Deann works side by side with Dave making all of our retainers. She seems to have elf-like skills in terms of knowing when everything is needed and exactly how it should be made. She can flex to other areas of the office and we are all so glad for that! Deann is eager to help wherever we need her.” — Dr. Klepacki

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